Run eBayQB under Windows 7

eBayQB 2012 is not native compatible with Windows 7 currently. Our software engineers are working hard to solve this issue and will release the new version shortly.

In the mean time there is a alternative solution from our software team. Please follow the instruction below.

1) Install the eBayQB 2012 normally and select create a desktop icon.

2) Right click the eBayQB 2012 desktop icon, on the pop up context menu choose "Properties". It will open a properties dialog. See picture below.

A "Bug" was found in QuickBooks 2010 Pro Canadian


Several eBayQB customers reported that eBayQB created a fatal error while synchronizing orders from eBay and caused the process to discontinue.

After testing to recreate and resolve the issue, we finally found it is a bug in QuickBooks and not in eBayQB and the issue appears to effect QuickBooks 2010 Pro Canadian. This bug may in other versions/languages of QuickBooks also but this has not yet been verified.

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