A "Bug" was found in QuickBooks 2010 Pro Canadian


Several eBayQB customers reported that eBayQB created a fatal error while synchronizing orders from eBay and caused the process to discontinue.

After testing to recreate and resolve the issue, we finally found it is a bug in QuickBooks and not in eBayQB and the issue appears to effect QuickBooks 2010 Pro Canadian. This bug may in other versions/languages of QuickBooks also but this has not yet been verified.

Problem description

The error was found when using eBayQB with QuickBooks 2010 Pro Canadian version. We believe this error will/may occur in other versions/languages of QuickBooks also. Below is the pop up error dialog message which occurs. The error message reads as: The currency of the account must be either in home currency or the transaction currency.
If the error occurs, eBayQB will not continue to import further orders.


Open the QuickBooks Preference dialog (Edit >> Preference...) and go to Sales & Customers section. Check the Use Undeposited Funds as a default deposit to account check box. Please refer to the picture below.
Click OK button to save and close the dialog.

Next, re-run the eBayQB service, eBay orders should now import to QuickBooks correctly with no further error messages.


If the first order is in US Dollars and the next order in Canadian Dollars, QuickBooks will create this error message. However, if the first order was in Canadian Dollars and the next order in US Dollars, then the program runs correctly.

It appears that QuickBooks retains the last deposit account in US Dollars and automatically applies it to the next order regardless of eBayQB requiring it to deposit to a Canadian Dollar account.

It is an annoying and troublesome bug. If you want to be specific with the deposit account when you manually create the sales receipt, you will need to open the Preference dialog and uncheck the check box.

We will report the bug to Intuit and hope they can resolve the issue ASAP.

Payment tab instead of Sales & Customers tab on QuickBooks 2012

on QuickBooks 2012, the option "Use Undeposited Funds as a default deposit to account" is on the different tab. It is under Payment tab.

I have to add, if you are using Canadian Version of QuickBooks, you have to turn this on, otherwise, it got incorrect deposits. After the finish auto inputs, turn off the option for regular use.