eBayQB 2013

  • Stop spending hours everyday recording your eBay orders into QuickBooks.
  • Eliminate accounting errors.
  • Get eBay orders into QuickBooks in a real time.
  • Compatible with Windows 7 32bit and 64bit.
  • Easy to setup easy to use.
  • eBay's Compatible Application

eBay's Compatible Application


1. Overview

eBayQB is a stand alone software which provides an automated solution to synchronize eBay orders to Intuit's QuickBooks® Accounting Software using eBay Trading API services.

2. Features

  • Automatically match eBay buyers to QuickBooks customers or create if non-existent.
  • Smart match eBay items to QuickBooks items by SKU No. or create if non-existent, ideal for using QuickBooks inventory control feature. Otherwise create one item match eBay so all items won't mess up your QuickBooks item list.
  • Map the eBay tax table with QuickBooks taxes.
  • Automatically create QuickBooks shipping and payment methods according to the eBay order status.
  • Create a new class in QuickBooks and insert into sales receipts to track your eBay orders.
  • Automatically scan and import your eBay orders as QuickBooks sales receipts according to your time range settings.
  • Multiple currencies supported.
  • Tested with QuickBooks 2009 - 2013 U.S. and Canadian version.

3. Questions & Bugs

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  1. You have an eBay account/store.
  2. You have QuickBooks 2009 - 2012 U.S. or CDN accounting software (other versions may work but have not been verified).

4. Installation and Configuration

4.1 Begin by purchasing eBayQB from our store.
4.2 Shortly after purchasing the item you will receive an e-mail which contains the eBayQB software download link and eBayQB serial number.
4.3 Download eBayQB and install on the same computer which QuickBooks has been installed on.
4.4 Launch QuickBooks accounting software and login to your company file.
4.5 Launch eBayQB, you will be prompted with a dialog box requesting you enter in the eBayQB serial number.
4.6 Enter the serial number you obtained via e-mail and click the register button.
4.7 If you input the serial number correctly, you will be prompted with a congratulations message.
4.8 Click the OK button to close the dialog box, you will be directed to the eBayQB setup wizard.
4.9 Click next on the “Check QuickBooks Requirements” page then click the check button. QuickBooks will launch a pop up window as shown.
4.10 Choose "Yes, always; allow access even if QuickBooks is not running", and choose Login as Admin or any other user in the drop down list, then click Continue button.
4.11 A "Confirm to Proceed" dialog will pop up. Click Yes to proceed.
4.12 An "Access Conformation" dialog will pop up, confirm the info in bold and click done if correct.
4.13 Back to the eBayQB screen, it should be as shown. If not please ensure your computer is connected to Internet and that QuickBooks is running.
4.14 Click next to "Connect to eBay" page. For security purposes, eBayQB does not store your eBay account password. You must sign in to authorize eBayQB to perform certain actions on eBay on your behalf.
4.15 Click the launch browser button, your default browser will be launched and you will be directed to the eBay application sign in page.
4.16 For security purposes, ensure you see the URL in your browser address field as shown below.
4.17 Sign in using your eBay account and password. You will see a page as shown below.
4.18 Click Agree button. you should see a screen as shown.
4.19 Close your browser and click next, you should see the screen below. If you do not you will need to click the back button and redo step 4.14 as the eBay timeout session is very fast.

ico-lightbulb.png We assure eBayQB will not record/store your eBay password and understand your concern with allowing access during this process. Note: eBay stringent qualifying controls for this software required this (No Storage/Recording) of passwords to not be allowed. However if you still do not feel comfortable with doing this, then 2QB 2012 for eBay is the correct solution for you.

4.20 "Inventory Item Accounts" page. Choose your accounts as desired and click next when finished.
4.21 "Shipping Service Accounts" page. Choose your accounts as desired and click next when finished.
4.22 eBayQB supports USD and CAD currencies. Choose QuickBooks receiving accounts for USD and CAD.
4.23 "eBay and QuickBooks taxes mapping" page. If your eBay account is set to use sales tax table you will see a screen as similar as below. If you don't use sales tax table, see how to use eBay sales tax table. Click next when finished.
4.24 “Get Ready To Start” page. Select your time zone, input start date of orders and company file location...
This concludes all the settings, click next to start using EbayQB.

5. Use eBayQB

5.1 Click the “Start Service” tool bar button.
5.2 The screen shot below shows eBay orders which have been synchronized to QuickBooks.
5.3 Check QuickBooks you will see the "Sales Receipts" have been created correctly.

6. Tips