How to subscribe eBay File Exchage

1. Login to your eBay account and go to Account menu click Subscription link as shown.
2. Choose eBay File Exchange as shown.
3. You will be directed to a sign in page. Sign in using your eBay account and password.
4. Agree to the terms and you will be prompted the Congratulations page. Then click File Exchange link.
5. Click Create a Download Request as shown.
6. Be sure to choose Paid and Shipped in the Listings and records drop down list. Choose Date Range then click Save button.
7. The file will not be available for download immediately. You will have to wait from several hours to a day for this to complete. Later you can check the File Exchange to verify if the file has been generated.
8. If you see the page as shown you will need to wait a bit longer.
9. If the file is ready, download it and save it to your hard disk.
10. Finally, use our automated solution to importing eBay orders to Intuit's QuickBooks® Accounting Software using the file which you just download on your hard drive.